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Validation of Texas Christian University Psychosocial Functioning and Motivation Scales in Iranian Persons Who Use Drugs

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 1 ]


Sana Shahrabadi, Amir Jalali, Rostam Jalali * and Nader Salari   Pages 49 - 58 ( 10 )


<P>Background: The psychosocial functioning and motivation scales of the Texas Cristian University (TCU) were translated and validated for the Persons Who Use Drugs (PWUDs). </P><P> Methods: This study was carried out as a methodological research. The scales were translated forward and backward and then, the PWUDs in Kermanshah-based (west of Iran) substance abuse treatment centers in 2019 filled out the scales. Participants included 250 individuals who were selected by convenience sampling method. A demographics form and psychosocial functioning and motivation scales were used to collect data. For data analysis, content validity, face validity, testretest, internal consistency, and construct validity were applied by using exploratory analysis methods in SPSS (v.20) and confirmatory factor analysis in LISREL software. </P><P> Results: Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) results were obtained by using the main component analysis and Varimax rotation of three factors (psychological function, social function, treatment motivation). Extracted factors, along with the eigenvalues, attributed variance percentage, and cumulative attributed variances by each factor, by 68.56%, showed a total variance of the questionnaire. Moreover, the fitness indexes of the Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) of psychological function, social function, and treatment motivation were 0.059, 0.075 and 0.072, respectively. Therefore, the questionnaire fitness was at an acceptable level. The test-retest reliability coefficient was 0.875, and the Cronbach&#039;s alpha coefficient for all the components was higher than 0.71. </P><P> Conclusion: The results showed that psychosocial functioning, motivation scales have good psychometric properties, and they can be used in research and treatment fields.</P>


Reliability, validation, psychosocial functioning, treatment motivation, drug dependents, face validity.


Deptartment of Psychiatric Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Students Research Committee, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Substance Abuse Prevention Research Center, Research Institute for Health, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences Kermanshah, Deptartment of Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Deptartment of Biostatistics Department, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah

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