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Exosomal microRNAs: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Small Bio-molecule in Esophageal Cancer

[ Vol. 23 , Issue. 4 ]


Mahshid Shahverdi and Maryam Darvish*   Pages 312 - 323 ( 12 )


Esophageal cancer (EC) is one of the major causes of cancer-related death worldwide. EC is usually diagnosed at a late stage, and despite aggressive therapy, the five-year survival rate of patients remains poor. Exosomes play important roles in cancer biology. Indeed, exosomes are implicated in tumor proliferation, angiogenesis, and invasion. They contain bioactive molecules such as lipids, proteins, and non-coding RNAs. Exosome research has recently concentrated on microRNAs, which are tiny noncoding endogenous RNAs that can alter gene expression and are linked to nearly all physiological and pathological processes, including cancer. It is suggested that deregulation of miRNAs results in cancer progression and directly induces tumor initiation. In esophageal cancer, miRNA dysregulation plays an important role in cancer prognosis and patients’ responsiveness to therapy, indicating that miRNAs are important in tumorigenesis. In this review, we summarize the impact of exosomal miRNAs on esophageal cancer pathogenesis and their potential applications for EC diagnosis and therapy.


Exosomes, miRNA, exosomal microRNA, esophageal cancer, therapeutic biomolecule, diagnostic biomolecule, bioactive molecules.


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