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miR-638: A Promising Cancer Biomarker with Therapeutic Potential

[ Vol. 23 , Issue. 5 ]


Elham Hasheminasabgorji, Mohammad Amir Mishan, Mohammad Amin Khazeei Tabari and Abouzar Bagheri*   Pages 377 - 389 ( 13 )


<p>Background: There is an unmet need to improve the diagnosis of cancer with precise treatment strategies. Therefore, more powerful diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers are needed to overcome tumor cells. microRNAs (miRNAs, miRs), as a class of small non-coding RNAs, play essential roles in cancer through the tumor-suppressive or oncogenic effects by post-transcriptional regulation of their targets. Many studies have provided shreds of evidence on aberrantly expressed miRNAs in numerous cancers and have shown that miRNAs could play potential roles as diagnostic, prognostic, and even therapeutic biomarkers in patients with cancers. Findings have revealed that miR-638 over or underexpression might play a critical role in cancer initiation, development, and progression. However, the mechanistic effects of miR-638 on cancer cells are still controversial. <p> Conclusion: In the present review, we have focused on the diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic potentials of miR-638 and discussed its mechanistic roles in various types of cancers.</p>


Cancer, prognosis, miR-638, diagnosis, gene regulation, biomarker.


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