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Molecular Mechanisms of miR-214 Involved in Cancer and Drug Resistance

[ Vol. 23 , Issue. 7 ]


Elham Karimi, Aghdas Dehghani, Hanieh Azari, Mahboobeh Zarei, Mohammad Shekari and Pegah Mousavi*   Pages 589 - 605 ( 17 )


As a transcriptional regulation element, the microRNA plays a crucial role in many aspects of molecular biological processes, like cellular metabolism, cell division, cell death, cell movement, intracellular signaling, and immunity. Previous studies suggested that microRNA-214 (miR-214) is probably a valuable cancer marker. In this study, a brief updated overview of the vital dual role of miR-214 in cancer as a tumor suppressor or oncogene was provided. We also examined target genes and signaling pathways related to the dysregulation of miR-214 reported in previous experimental research on various human diseases. To highlight the critical function of miR-214 in the prognostic, diagnostic, and pathogenesis of cancer diseases, we focused on the probable clinical biomarker and drug resistance function of miR-214. The current research provides a comprehensive perspective of the regulatory mechanisms governed by miR-214 in human disease pathogenesis and a list of probable candidates for future study.


microRNA, miR-214, target genes, cancer diseases, RNAs, miRNA.


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