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Targeting ADAM10 in Renal Diseases

[ Vol. 23 , Issue. 10 ]


Jie-Na Wang and Xiao-Jing Cao*   Pages 1037 - 1045 ( 9 )


ADAM10 is part of the ADAM superfamily containing cell surface proteins with special structures and potential adhesion and protease domains. This paper provides a review of the specific effects of ADAM10 in kidney development as well as its relations with renal diseases. ADAM10 plays an important role in developing tissues and organs and the pathogenesis of multiple diseases. The catalytic mechanism of ADAM10 on kidney-related molecules, including Notch, epidermal growth factor receptors, tumor necrosis factor-α, CXCL16, E-cadherin, cell adhesion molecule 1, meprin and klotho. ADAM10 is also closely associated with the progress of glomerular diseases, acute kidney injury and renal fibrosis. It probably is a good therapeutic target for renal diseases.


ADAM10, kidney development, renal disease, notch, glomerular diseases, acute kidney injury.


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