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Therapeutic Role of <i>Desmodium</i> Species on its Isolated Flavonoids

[ Vol. 24 , Issue. 1 ]


Vedpal Singh*, Rohit Singh, Manish Pal Singh and Archita Katrolia   Pages 74 - 84 ( 11 )


Secondary metabolites are an important part to play a major role in society and it was isolated from plant flavonoids and useful in the treatment of various kinds of diseases in the human race. They are widely used as food and nutrition supplements as well as antioxidants. Traditionally, the <i>Desmodium</i> species are an important tool for the secondary metabolites to treat various diseases. <i>Desmodium triquetrum</i> (Fabaceae) one of the Indian medicinal plants is widely used in the treatment of asthma and inflammation. Three flavonoids isolated from <i>Desmodium triquetrum</i> Linn namely Baicalein, Naringin and Neohesperidin are useful as antioxidants, food and nutrition supplements, that help the body to function efficiently while protecting it against toxins as well stressors. The role of flavonoids may be due to the presence of the phenolic compound. Similarly, the flavonoids such as gangetin, gangetinin, desmocarpin and desmodin isolated from the species <i>Desmodium gangeticum</i> are responsible for antileishmanial, antioxidant, anti-arthritic, and immunomodulatory activities. Additionally, isolated flavanoids from the species <i>Desmodium triflorum</i> show antibacterial, antiepileptic, antifungal, and radioprotective activities. So, the aim of the present study, based on the literature miming from the desmodium species is to acknowledge the importance of flavonoids in human health as dietary food supplements and therapeutic uses.


Desmodium, fabaceae, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, nutrients, therapeutic values.


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