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Update on Mesenchymal Stem Cells: A Crucial Player in Cancer Immunotherapy

[ Vol. 24 , Issue. 1 ]


Shahram Taeb, Davoud Rostamzadeh, Sahar Mafi, Mohammad Mofatteh, Ali Zarrabi, Kiavash Hushmandi, Arash Safari, Ehsan Khodamoradi and Masoud Najafi*   Pages 98 - 113 ( 16 )


The idea of cancer immunotherapy has spread, and it has made tremendous progress with the advancement of new technology. Immunotherapy, which serves to assist the natural defenses of the body in eradicating cancerous cells, is a remarkable achievement that has revolutionized both cancer research and cancer treatments. Currently, the use of stem cells in immunotherapy is widespread and shares a special characteristic, including cancer cell migration, bioactive component release, and immunosuppressive activity. In the context of cancer, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are rapidly being identified as vital stromal regulators of tumor progression. MSCs therapy has been implicated in treating a wide range of diseases, including bone damage, autoimmune diseases, and particularly hematopoietic abnormalities, providing stem cell-based therapy with an extra dimension. Moreover, the implication of MSCs does not have ethical concerns, and the complications known in pluripotent and totipotent stem cells are less common in MSCs. MSCs have a lot of distinctive characteristics that, when coupled, make them excellent for cellular-based immunotherapy and as vehicles for gene and drug delivery in a variety of inflammations and malignancies. MSCs can migrate to the inflammatory site and exert immunomodulatory responses via cell-to-cell contacts with lymphocytes by generating soluble substances. In the current review, we discuss the most recent research on the immunological characteristics of MSCs, their use as immunomodulatory carriers, techniques for approving MSCs to adjust their immunological contour, and their usages as vehicles for delivering therapeutic as well as drugs and genes engineered to destroy tumor cells.


Mesenchymal stem cells, immunotherapy, cancer treatment, immunomodulatory responses, engineered mesenchymal, stem cells.


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