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Metabolomics to Study Human Aging: A Review

[ Vol. 24 , Issue. 4 ]


Claudia Martins, Sandra Magalhães*, Idália Almeida, Vanessa Neto, Sandra Rebelo and Alexandra Nunes   Pages 457 - 477 ( 21 )


In the last years, with the increase in the average life expectancy, the world’s population is progressively aging, which entails social, health and economic problems. In this sense, the need to better understand the physiology of the aging process becomes an urgent need. Since the study of aging in humans is challenging, cellular and animal models are widely used as alternatives. Omics, namely metabolomics, have emerged in the study of aging, with the aim of biomarker discovering, which may help to uncomplicate this complex process. This paper aims to summarize different models used for aging studies with their advantages and limitations. Also, this review gathers the published articles referring to biomarkers of aging already discovered using metabolomics approaches, comparing the results obtained in the different studies. Finally, the most frequently used senescence biomarkers are described, along with their importance in understanding aging.


Aging, senescence, cellular models, animal models, metabolomics, biomarkers of senescence.


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