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Current Market Potential and Prospects of Copper-based Pyridine Derivatives: A Review


Shivani Tyagi, Rakhi Mishra*, Rupa Mazumder and Avijit Mazumder   Pages 1 - 13 ( 13 )


Nicotine, minodronic acid, nicotinamide (niacin), zolpidem, zolimidine, and other pyridine-based chemicals play vital roles in medicine and biology. Pyridinecontaining drugs are widely available on the market to treat a wide range of human ailments. As a result of these advances, pyridine research is continually expanding, and there are now higher expectations for how it may aid in the treatment of numerous ailments. This evaluation incorporates data acquired from sources, like PubMed, to provide a thorough summary of the approved drugs and bioactivity data for compounds containing pyridine. Most of the reactions discussed in this article will provide readers with a deeper understanding of various pyridine-related examples, which is necessary for the creation of copper catalysis-based synthetic processes that are more accessible, secure, environmentally friendly, and practical, and that also have higher accuracy and selectivity. This paper also discusses significant innovations in the multi-component copper-catalyzed synthesis of N-heterocycles (pyridine), with the aim of developing precise, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly oxygenation and oxidation synthetic methods for the future synthesis of additional novel pyridine base analogs. Therefore, the review article will serve as a novel platform for researchers investigating copperbased pyridine compounds.


Pyridine,Copper-based,Heterocycles,synthetic,commercially,N heterocycles


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