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The emerging role of LncRNA AWPPH in multiple cancers: a review study


Mohsen Sheykhhasan, Fateme Dermani, Nematollah Gheibi, Ishwaree Datta, Hamid Sadeghi and Saeideh Gholamzadeh Khoei*   Pages 1 - 32 ( 32 )


Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are transcribed RNA molecules longer than 200 nucleotides in length that have no protein-coding potential. They are able to react with DNA, RNA, and protein. Hence they involve in regulating gene expression at the epigenetic, transcriptional, post-transcriptional, and translational levels. LncRNAs have been proven to play an important role in human malignancies and prognostic outcomes. In this review, we will comprehensively and functionally discuss the role of a novel identified lncRNA namely lncRNA WAPPH that located on human chromosome 2q13, in various cancers. Increasing research studies have shown that lncRNA AWPPH is deregulated in different malignancies including breast cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, and others. LncRNA WAPPH serves as an oncogene in tumorigenesis and the development of cancer. Moreover, lncRNA AWPPH is involved in numerous biological processes of solid and blood cancers. Taken together based on our scrutiny analysis lncRNA AWPPH can be regarded as a putative biomarker for diagnosis or therapeutic target in human malignancies.


Cancer biomarker,diagnosis,therapeutic,AWPPH,long non-coding RNA,Neoplasm


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