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Telocytes in Cardiac Protection

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 5 ]


Siyi Fu, Hui Zhu, Siyi Li, Yalong Wang, Yihua Bei and Junjie Xiao   Pages 390 - 394 ( 5 )


Telocytes (TCs) are a distinct type of stromal cells with extremely thin and long prolongations called telopodes (Tps). TCs have been ubiquitously reported in almost all tissues and organs across species including heart. TCs are distinct from fibroblasts as evidenced by ultrastructural characteristics, immunohistochemistry features, gene profiles, proteome features, and miRNA signatures. By means of heterocellular junctions and extracellular vesicles, TCs may be able to regulate cardiac stem cells, angiogenesis, and anti-fibrosis. Therapeutic effects of cardiac TCs in myocardium infarction have been demonstrated. Cardiac TCs could be a source of cardiac repair and protection.


Cardiac telocytes, cardiac protection, cardiac stem cells, angiogenesis, fibrosis, regeneration.


, , , , , Regeneration and Ageing Lab, Experimental Center of Life Sciences and Innovative Drug Research Center, School of Life Science, Shanghai University, 333 Nan Chen Road, Shanghai 200444, China.

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