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Advances in Tumor Targeted Liposomes

[ Vol. 18 , Issue. 1 ]


A. Jain and S.K. Jain*   Pages 44 - 57 ( 14 )


Cancer remains a deadly disease for effective treatment. Although anomalous tumor microenvironment is now widely exploited for targeted chemotherapy, safe and efficacious drug delivery to tumor cells is not still warranted. Liposomes are promising biodegradable and biocompatible nanocarriers having potential amenability for surface and internal modifications, and extraordinary capability to carry both hydrophilic as well as hydrophobhic drugs. Meticulous fabrication of liposomes with tumor selective ligand(s) and PEGylation reduces immunogenicity and increase target-specificity. This review focuses on critical developmental aspects of liposomes to target cancer cells exploiting Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) effect and tumor-selective ligands such as folate, transferrin, peptides etc. Moreover, stimuli-responsive smart liposomes (triggers: pH, temperature, enzymes, magnetic field, ultrasound, and redox potential etc.) are also investigated for enhancement of drug delivery to tumors. This review summarizes advances in tumor-targeted liposomes via various means of targeting. This knowledgeable assemblage of advances in liposomal approaches will render new insights to formulators and budding scientists to design cancer targeted liposomes.


Cancer, chemotherapy, active targeting, ligand, anticancer agents, EPR effect, PEGylation.


Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, GLA University, NH-2, Mathura-Delhi Road, Mathura (U.P.) 281 406, Pharmaceutics Research Projects Laboratory, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University, Sagar (M.P.) - 470003

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