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HOX Genes as Potential Markers of Circulating Tumour Cells

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 4 ]


R. Morgan and M. El-Tanani   Pages 322 - 327 ( 6 )


Circulating tumour cells (CTCs) have significant diagnostic potential as they can reflect both the presence and recurrence of a wide range of cancers. However, this potential continues to be limited by the lack of robust and accessible isolation technologies. An alternative to isolation might be their direct detection amongst other peripheral blood cells, although this would require markers that allow them to be distinguished from an exceptionally high background signal. This review assesses the potential role of HOX genes, a family of homeodomain containing transcription factors with key roles in both embryonic development and oncogenesis, as unique and possibly disease specific markers of CTCs.


Circulating tumour cells, HOX gene, biomarker.


Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, University of Bradford, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP, UK.

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