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The Male Abnormal Gene Family 21 (Mab21) Members Regulate Eye Development

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 7 ]


Z.-X. Huang, J.-W. Xiang, L. Zhou, Q. Nie, L. Wang, Z.-G. Chen, X.-H. Hu, Y. Xiao, W.-J. Qing, Y.-F. Liu, Q. Sun, X.-C. Tang, F.-Y. Liu, Z.-W. Luo, W.-B. Liu and D. W.-C. Li   Pages 660 - 667 ( 8 )


The male abnormal gene family contains 3 members, named mab21l1, mab21l2 and mab21l3. Since their first discovery in C. elegans, homologues of mab21l1 and mab21l2 have been found in Drosophila, Zebrafish, Xenopus, chicken, mouse and human. A number of studies have revealed that mab21 gene family members, mab21l1 and mab21l2, play important roles in regulating eye development. Here, we review the functions of the mab genes in regulating ocular development.


Mab21, eye development, Pax-6, Mab21L1, Mab21L2.


Key Laboratory of Protein Chemistry and Developmental Biology of Educational Ministry of China, College of Life Sciences, Hunan Normal University, Changsha, Hunan 410081, China.

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